Alhambra-Eidos' Virtual Data Center Service

handVIRTUAL is Alhambra-Eidos' Virtual Data Center service. It provides the resources traditionally installed in a physical data center, but the operation and provision is simplified with the use of virtualization environments and the model usually known as Cloud Computing. This service is implemented on a high-availability hardware/software infrastructure, last generation, managed by our technical staff.

As a customer, you will have dedicated resources with advantages compared to hardware. With an integral management and support service, you won't need to manage communications, security, storage, or data processing center infrastructure devices. The service provided by Alhambra-Eidos is based on the concept of   Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).

With this service model, the control of each aspect of the Data Center (computing, storage, networking, etc.) is fully coordinated by a "smart software" independent from the hardware. This allows us to automate the provision, location, configuration, and control, minimizing manual intervention and abstracting it from the hardware.

Therefore, handVIRTUAL provides the services that a traditional data center can offer but with the advantages of abstracting from the hardware, and in the cloud, services dimensioned according to your needs.

handVIRTUAL characteristics

When analyzing the different decision aspects, Alhambra-Eidos is outstanding in service management in the following points:

Advice Advice by our experts on different subjects for the better execution or design of the architecture for the virtual data center.
We don't have a self-service online shop. We make sure we offer you what you actually need.
Resource management Growth is progressive for all resources, and you are free to redistribute resources amongst the different virtual machines at any time.
You decide how many servers (virtual machines) you would like to deploy.
Integration handVIRTUAL allows integration with other physical devices that you need to maintain or would like to maintain.
Our experience and our services in integration allow us to perform the necessary adaptation to your environments.

Other differentiating characteristics that are key are the ones that provide security to the dimensioning and flexibility of the service, such as:

Storage Different storage levels (performance).
High levels of backup systems managed by Alhambra-Eidos.
We create backups with static conservation on tape.
Additional services We are a provider of managed IP services (communications, voice, etc.), which complements all areas of IT management.
Other characteristics Certifications aligned with best practices and data security and protection.
We don't want "captive" customers; we facilitate your exit to a different provider.

handVIRTUAL benefits

These are the main benefits in the handVIRTUAL architecture for the customer:

Cost reduction With virtualization, you don't need to invest in costly hardware/software infrastructures or in staff to manage them.
High availability, perimeter security, and load balancing At all times, for the hosted systems' Internet access.
The customer does not need to manage or supervise Elements such as switches, routers, firewalls, and backup systems, data protection center cooling, power, etc.
Full flexibility in design and tailoring This allows integration to other existing systems.
It does not affect hardware obsolescence No need to renew the IT infrastructure periodically.
Service flexibility for the eventual migration to a different provider. Since it is a service that is hosted on a virtual infrastructure, it can be easily migrated. "Vendor Lock-In".

handVIRTUAL Partners

VM Ware HP EMC 2 Microsoft Fortinet Symantec Citrix

handVIRTUAL Clients

  • Macmillan
  • Aragro
  • Pixelware
  • Toyota
  • Bodybell
  • Detector
  • Experian
  • Praxis
  • Signe
  • TNT
  • Garrido Abogados
  • Garrido Auditores
  • AECC
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